Neon erections and trains with no destination: NY Pt5

Funny isn’t it, how easily blasé one can become? I wrote most of this is in NY, in December (2017!). Now I think “Grand Central Station. Wow!”, I long for the thrill of being there. Such an iconic place. Yet I appear to have written this like I’d just popped down to the corner shop? … More Neon erections and trains with no destination: NY Pt5

Pink Fur and Vulvas

    Having written my first blog post in months yesterday, I found myself last night, back on my art adventures, and with another post brewing. On tour with a British orchestra, in transit in Miami. I knew there was a Louise Bourgeois Exhibition at ICAMiami and had therefore tried to fly twenty-four hours earlier, … More Pink Fur and Vulvas

Pitcher Perfect

    So I haven’t blogged for way too long, and yesterday I had a day I’d really like to share, and definitely like to document, for me, if not for anyone else! Back in December, when I was busy getting a life in NY, I ate breakfast perusing a series (ok, a couple, breakfast isn’t … More Pitcher Perfect