I am a musician, mother and visual artist, discovering and searching for ways to express what goes on inside my brain in a way that I hope may help others to understand their own heads, relate to mine and not feel so lonely, or just be inspired to be creative themselves.

At the moment I work a lot in all sorts of textiles, in ink, in watercolours, acrylics, pastels. But I am hoping to learn and expand my knowledge and practise of both digital photography and sculpture in particular, over the coming year. With the aid of the Katherine McGillivray Get a Life Fund, I am studying the life and work of Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist and incredible woman who has become something of a hero to me. Her battle with the past, the way she created art to express her difficult emotions, her indomitable character, a complete inspiration. She was only truly recognised as a great artist in her seventies so there is time yet for the rest of us!

I am going to visit the house she lived and worked the last twenty years of her life in, visit the largest exhibition ever of her work at MoMA in New York, and travel New York State and Massachusetts to see the showing of her work at Dia Beacon, Storm King Art Centre and MassMOCA. In 2018, with a more solid knowledge of Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture, I hope to really study more about this practice, travelling in Europe, Bilbao, Berlin and Florence (I think…who knows?!), learning, exploring, seeing.

My visual artistic practise has already proved to have a positive impact on my musical career, and I believe wholeheartedly that this will continue, increasingly, to be the case. Expressing my emotions and creativity through visual art is becoming ever more crucial to my well-being. Increasing my confidence and self-esteem, it influences not only my personal life, but also my life as a musician, partner, mother and friend.