Gently passing time.

I have taken a few weeks off writing and turned my hand back to pen and ink. Can’t say how nice it feels to be creating again!

For all that I hate social media (in principle), it is lovely to have an incentive to create and post every day, an aim, somewhere to share and get feedback.

Did you know they did an experiment on mice where they gave them a bar they could press that mimicked the human’s brain response to receiving a text, or a ‘like’ on social media? The mice gave up everything to press this bar. They stopped having sex and even gave up eating… eek!

But for those of you who aren’t or social media (you sensible, clever people), whose algorithm doesn’t pick me up, and a few extras for those who are seeing them, I thought I’d share a few of my latest creations.


7 responses to “Gently passing time.”

  1. Definitely some recurring themes in your art – geometric patterns, circles, waves. Any thoughts on why? Really like it.


    1. Thanks Henry, I suspect it’s about being in control. Louise Bourgeois (who I am studying) said ‘The grid is a peaceful thing because nothing can go wrong […] everything is complete. There is no room for anxiety […] everything has a place […] everything is welcome’ and also talked about geometry being a symbol of stability and predictability, of getting control of a situation, of it being a ‘tool to understanding […] it was a pleasure […] there was order’. While these are her words (and the fact that I resonate so strongly with them is the reason I am so interested in her work) I think they go a long way to explain my reasons for expressing myself this way.
      The fact that you have picked up on the waves is interesting, as I haven’t really consciously thought about them. However, I have a deep phobia of the sea…


      1. Interesting! Maybe a subconscious desire to overcome phobia, or the phobia expressing itself unconsciously! The middle second row looks like it’s expressing a feeling of being trapped or locked up. I’m in Bury for a couple of days with two of my children if you have time for a quick coffee. Not sure we’d recognise each other after all these years!


      2. Actually that is one of a series I did around the time of Brexit. It was definitely an expression of how out of control it all felt (feels, alas). And yes, trapped is a good word.
        Im not back in Bury till after Easter, but coffee would be lovely then!


  2. When you said you were getting back to pen and ink I first thought you meant back to writing (sweet old-fashioned thing that I am) – anyway it all looks good, though not best viewed on a small iPod: will look on the computer later.
    Hope this feedback doesn’t contribute to you giving up sex and stop eating…

    Sent from my iPod

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  3. Love these Rebecca! Especially the ones in red and the beautiful triangle with what I see as lily pads. Looking forward to seeing more, xxx

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  4. Much better on the big screen! Particularly like the red spidery web with it’s 3D hints, the ‘maze’, and the v avant-garde piece of music…

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